October 15, 2019

Victoria University Student Died in Halls

Documents released under the Official Information Act have revealed a student living in one of Victoria University of Wellington’s (VUW) halls of residence died at the […]
October 15, 2019

Police Are Called After University of Auckland Students Protest Racist Rhetoric On Campus

Police have been called to the University of Auckland after a student sit-in escalated into a full-blown protest. Events began around mid-day, when Auckland University Student […]
October 15, 2019

A Week In Sport

Joshua Jayde suffered a concussion after an Italian rugby player tip-tackled him, so the reluctant hero Brian Gu steps up for this week’s sport. Writing this […]
October 23, 2019

Massey University Pressured into Culling Discriminatory Event

Anti trans-discrimantion groups recorded a victory this week as Massey Universityhave been pressured into canning Feminism 2020. As reported two weeks ago here in Craccum, Massey […]