August 9, 2021

The End of Closed Book Exams?

Knowledge, and what it means to have knowledge, is changing. You can recite pi to 20 digits? Cool, I can use my phone calculator. You’ve memorised […]
May 24, 2021

The Wage Freeze Wont Work

On the 5th of May 2021, during a pre-budget speech at the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, Finance Minister Grant Robertson signalled that government spending in certain […]
May 17, 2021

The New Wave of Anti-Indian Racism

The propaganda machine was set. Words and text will be prepared to be distributed for people to accept unconditionally. They would equate an ethnic group to […]
May 10, 2021

What Has Thrifting Turned Into?

Lamenting the decline of a once-glorious time in poverty shopping. Can we all agree that the reply of “This? Oh I thrifted it” in response to […]
May 7, 2021

Musings of a Muso and the Elephant in the School

The School of Music has been in the spotlight a bit recently, what with housing a sexual predator for 20-odd years to the point where they […]
March 1, 2021

How We Change It All

It’s loud. I’m writing this in the Parliamentary Chamber as a debate about Māori Wards (that is, removing them from an anomaly of process that means […]
October 6, 2020

Debate: Should We Return to Campus?

Negating There’s recently been a lot of talk about whether we should be going back to campus or not. And everyone’s already heard the typical boring […]
August 3, 2020

The Virus of Domestic Violence: Why New Zealand is Not Prepared to Address A Domestic Violence Boom

This article contains discussion of domestic violence. If you or someone you know is in need of support, you can contact Women’s Refuge on 0800 733 […]