Big Hero 6 The World

In a world of constantly evolving technology and startups the big question sparks; Are robots going to take over?

Sanskruti Banerjee

BIG HERO 6. For those who don’t know, one of the coolest movies of all time. Young boy Hiro Hamada is a robotics prodigy and works with his brother Tadashi’s healthcare-provider robot to combat a masked villain. The said robot’s name; Baymax. Now, I’m not saying a masked villain will one day arise to terrorise earth and its inhabitants because cliche robot destroys the world movie right? But then if you really sit and think about it…how far are we really from that?

Now throughout Big Hero 6, Baymax says some pretty valid things; so let’s take a look at OUR world but through some wise words from this huge inflatable robot shall we? Or in other words, let’s Big Hero 6 The World!!!

“I have some concerns.”

Indeed. With constantly increasing virtual reality platforms, the question of whether we will even need humans is constantly in the minds of the technological world. Automated services at supermarkets, virtual reality taking you all over the world as you sit on your bed, even the advancement of apps is increasing at a skyrocketing pace.

“I fail to see how you fail to see that this is awesome.”

Okay of course Baymax was referring to something far cooler than robots destroying us all but how awesome IS A.I? Let’s take a look;

Modern Day-to Day A.I

We use so much artificial intelligence in our day to day lives that you probably don’t even realise. Manufacturing robots, self-driven cars, smart assistants, automated financial investing, virtual travel booking agents—it’s all automated. And sure, I guess you can say this is all helpful to us much like how Baymax provided help to Hiro but what if we look at the more advanced technologies that the world is creating…

A.I but crazier and cooler

Let’s take a look at five examples of A.I that have gone wild in the past.

5 The battle of the Wiki-Bots. Wikipedia is the go to for stressed out students despite all high school teachers flaming us if we ever used it. Robots are the ones who alter discrepancies and edit these pages but these bots are actually constantly in conflict with one another. They change each other’s edits, alter pages and this drives the researchers crazy. Is the information you’re reading true or not?

4 Now, we move to Russian Robots. Once in 2016 there was a robot created and designed for a simple purpose; to work in customer relations. It kept repeatedly escaping, stopping on the road, chatting up humans and running away on loop. The public sparked concerns after seeing this robot escape and who knows what could’ve happened if another wire or two went loose?

3 Self-driving car crashes. When it comes to the roads of tomorrow, self-driving cars are one of the most modern developments we have. Stories of people losing their lives because cars lack the spatial awareness that a human has are endless. In 2018, a self-driving uber ran over a woman in Arizona, leading to her death. Imagine a world with self driving cars and ubers, can you really sit inside knowing that your life is totally and completely safe?

2 The Microsoft Nazi Chat-Bot. Microsoft made a mimicking chat bot that was designed to interact with those on twitter. It went crazy, and was online for sixteen hours before it began tweeting wildly offensive comments and attacking users. What a troll.

1 Sophia Wants To Destroy Humans. Hanson Robotics blurred the line between fiction and reality in the development of lifelike androids. This robot Sophia has language understanding and the ability to connect with humans. But plot twist? Human annihilation is on her mind too. Sophia has become a legal citizen of Saudi Arabia and apparently no longer wants to destroy humans. But her advanced coding means we cannot be sure what she really is feeling.

So the question is; IS the world and the way it’s moving really that awesome Baymax? Uncertain.

“My programming prevents me from injuring a human being.”

Now on one side all these A.I developments are benefiting humans but on the other, researchers and scientists might not know where to stop. It is often said that robots will never be able to get the emotional intelligence that a human has, but with the rates of technological development this may prove to be wrong. Once robots gain this emotional intelligence coding, who knows how far they will go.

The creator of Baymax, Tadashi was a pretty decent guy. But how do we know that there isn’t some crazy scientist or multiple for that matter like Doofenshmirtz who want to use this technology and end the world? Software that is designed to, in fact, end the so-called human race. Not to put forward an existential crisis or anything. Some food for thought I guess.