April 6, 2020

Marvel is Good Cinema

Liberals vs conservatives, atheists vs theists, and manual vs automatic drivers. These divides are arbitrary, pointless and born out of idiosyncratic global views. Yet, conquering all […]
March 30, 2020

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman opens to the climactic events of 2013’s Man of Steel. Superman (Henry Cavill) in the midst of destroying Metropolis while Bruce Wayne (Ben […]
March 24, 2020

Ghost, dir. Jerry Zucker

Adjacent to Windows 95 and Gameboys, rom-coms were unquestionably the foundation of the 1990’s. The apex of this genre was Ghost. After the abrupt death of […]
March 16, 2020

Anthony McCarten: The Art of the Commercial Biopic

A biographical film, or biopic, dramatizes a real person or people in an event that supposedly happened. Think Oscar Schindler in Schindler’s List or Jackie Kennedy […]