March 1, 2021

We Are Who We Are

Guagagino, of Call Me By Your Name acclaim, collaborated with HBO to create this coming-of-age drama, in his first attempt at episodic storytelling. The show follows […]
March 8, 2021

The Bachelorette NZ

In this household, we love The Bachelorette. 3.5 stars out of 5 on IMDB. Impressive. In this house, we also love Jack. He has golden retriever […]
March 15, 2021

New to Streaming: STAR on Disney+

And in one fell swoop, Disney+ eclipses Netflix with the drop of their extensive streaming collections. The mega-corporation has been holding its cards close since the […]
March 15, 2021


Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have often been likened to McDonald’s, and for good reason. The Marvel team are experts of mass production, and fantastic […]